Introduction to Our Artsmark Offering

In Focus offer extra-curricular arts-based activities, we specialise in (but are not limited to) lens-based media. All of our artist educators are practicing artists in their own right. We provide high quality art sessions and develop best practice in all of our programmes. We are committed to investing in the community, as such we are supporting members of Social Enterprise UK and the majority of our profits get reinvested in our practice.

We were a Trinity Champion Centre for 2019/20 and were invited back as a Champion Centre for 2020/21, as such we are also an Arts Award Supporter.

We have Implemented Arts Award based workshops in a number of different educational settings including Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level. We have extensive knowledge in embedding Arts Award in youth justice settings. We strongly believe that delivering Arts Award will increase the changes of a setting gaining a higher levelling (gold or platinum) when they submit their Statement of Impact.

Session and Workshop Delivery

We deliver arts-based learning to a wide range of age groups – from formal sessions for young learners to casual workshops with older people. The majority of our delivery is to young people who are hard to reach, at risk or vulnerable. All of our offerings are transferable and work across a number of different settings (mainstream, PRUs, Youth Justice, etc…) and we will provide a bespoke scheme of work for each project we undertake.

We are a non-funded organisation, our rates vary, however below is an indication of our offering;

  • Workshops. From £400 (half day) £600 (full day) we can plan bespoke arts-based workshops for a range of settings, needs and abilities. All equipment and art materials are included, and each workshop will be fully evaluated with reporting.An example of this is ‘Discover in a Day’ or Explore Arts Award in an heritage setting.
  • Set & Long-Term Projects. From £4000 (10 half day sessions) we will implement Arts Award based projects that will take groups of young people through a number of art-forms, starting with photography, and potentially experience the arts in a different setting (gallery). All equipment and art materials are included. Each project will be planned in conjunction with the setting and fully evaluated with reporting.An example may be running weekly Bronze Arts Award term time twilight sessions.
  • Visits to schools. From £400 (half day) £600 (full day) we can plan bespoke arts-based lessons in school for a range of settings, needs and abilities. All equipment and art materials are included, and each workshop will be fully evaluated with reporting.An example of this is ‘Discover in a Day’ in a school or Bronze Arts Award ‘Part’ lessons – e.g. Photography lesson for Part A as a secondary art form.
  • Professional artist opportunities. We are committed to nurturing talent from the local community, as such we offer work and CPD to local artists. We also actively seek suitable volunteers from local institutions (such as Solent University) who can build their skills and potentially gain work delivery our sessions. We pay using Artist Network’s guidelines for rates.
  • Support in writing/developing Artsmark in school/setting (Plus YOT). We have expert experience in the process of completing an Artsmark and work closely with our local bridge organisation (Artswork) to provide the best advice for those who wish to embark on their Artsmark journey our consultation sessions start from £100
  • CPD for teaching staff, resources that are available (both physical and digital). We offer a range of free to use CPD resources. For a more tailored sessions our Workshops start from £550 (Half Day). They include up-to-date and best practice ways of embedding the arts and Arts Award into caseloads, lessons in schools and other extra-curricular projects (such as summer arts programmes).

Should a setting require a number of services we will offer these as a package price, and we are happy to discuss needs in full before any commitments are made.

Artsmark Quality Principles

The 7 quality principles are embedded in our offer because;

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation – We always strive for excellence and innovation in anything we do. We have developed industry leading techniques in delivery of our Arts Award sessions and through evaluation, reporting and feedback from young people and stakeholders we are able to further develop our offering.
  1. Being authentic – We are authentic because we use only practicing professional artist educators to deliver our programmes. Not only are they trained in Arts Award they also have their own artistic practice.
  1. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging – All of our sessions are designed to excite young people into learning more about art and photography. We give them the opportunity to engage with art in a safe space and nurture their own inspiration.
  1. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience – We hold no judgement to any of the young people that use our service. We deliver the same high-quality sessions to anyone irrespective of background. We give them the space and resources to learn at their own pace in a safe environment.
  1. Actively involving children and young people – All of the work we do is informed by the young person, we pride ourselves on centring our sessions around what the young person expects and the best ways we can engage them. All of our feedback includes the voice of the young person.
  1. Enabling personal progression – As we use the Arts Award to deliver the majority of our sessions, every session we run has a clear aim and objective. Once a service user has completed a project (for instance a Bronze Arts Award) we signpost them on to other projects or aid them with gaining further Arts Awards.
  1. Developing belonging and ownership – As at the heart of every project we hold the young person we ensure that every project has a sense of pride attached to it. In the majority of cases we ensure the work of the young person is celebrated and displayed to friends and family. The young people create something special which ensures a sense of belonging, encouraging responsibility and ownership.

Who we can work with? (Artsmark)

The workshops we offer are suitable for all ages of young people and can provide CPD to teachers and educators not limited to but including the following settings; Primary, Secondary, SEN/D, PRU, YOT, Sixth Form. However, our educators are specialists in Arts Award, not Key Stages, therefore although we can link to curriculum areas, we offer a much wider breadth of delivery for every level of student ability.

We are committed to offering high quality arts sessions and use Arts Award as the framework for the majority of our workshops, we embed the Artsmark criteria in almost all we deliver. We deliver industry standard workshops and CPD and strive to innovate with the help of the settings we deliver in. We find that open communication is the key to collaboration and success.

All our Artist Educators are trained Arts Award Advisors (Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver & Gold), we are an Arts Award (Champion) centre and Arts Award Supporter. We can offer support to anyone who would like to implement Arts Award (whether they are just starting delivery or would like to improve their offering) or start their Artsmark journey.


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